‘Fuck Knows’ Why You Wouldn’t Come to this Art Show

We’ve organised a lot of haphazard events before….a lot.

But Fuck Knows, an exhibition being held at MC HQ in Sydney tomorrow night featuring the work of artists Will Lynes, Nathan Pickering, and Rick ‘Four Eyes’ Vaughan, is right up there with the best of them. Getting this show together was more chaotic than New Delhi intersection at peak hour but, when it comes to the important stuff (the art on the walls), they’re more than up to the challenge.

If you’ve not yet heard of Will’s work then we’ll turn it over to friend of MC, Matt Rabbidge, to explain it: “His style is timeless. Will’s dedication to traditional sign painting and gold leaf detailing is unprecedented, forever pushing new techniques and looking for ways he can better the detail in his work. The few mentors whom he’d consider the best in the game would be quick to agree he’s right there with them.” Hand-painted murals, lettering, glass art, gilding…you name it, he does it.

Here at MC, we know the work of Four Eyes well. Mostly because his designs (and our shit requests) are tattooed across metres of collective Monster Children skin, but also because he’s an insanely talented artist off the epidermis.

Sydney born Nathan Pickering started off as a graffiti grom, before being trained in the art of sign writing. His work draws inspiration from brightly coloured 80’s signage themes in old motels and suburban coastal towns, and you’d be stupid to miss it tomorrow night.

The booze will be on us, the journey to MC06 will be on you. Get down to 6 Australia Street Camperdown, Sydney, tomorrow night at 6 pm for…well, fuck knows. Huge thanks to the legends at RVCA for putting this show on, it’ll be one for the ages.

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