From Here to Nowhere, with Fabien Voileau

The French photographer on dreamy new photo series, 'City and Desert'.

Photos by Fabien Voileau

French photographer Fabien Voileau first came to our attention through his stunning entries into the MC Photo Comp.

After the making the move to Australia in 2007—away from his hometown on the edge of the Atlantic on France’s west coast—the remote, vast landscapes in the middle of our sunburnt country completely changed his approach towards photography. It inspired him to set out in search of more of the world’s rarities, travelling across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and more with his father’s old Canon as a constant companion. We asked the man who’s always on the road to tell us about his dreamy new series that makes us nostalgic for places we’ve never even been. Here’s what he told us.

“The photos from my series ‘City and Desert’ were all been taken on 35mm film with my father’s old Canon camera in Sweden, the USA, Israel, Spain and New Zealand. The idea for the project came from a realisation that I was always being pulled between two places: walking for hours in immense cities or being totally disconnected from the world in the midst of sparse deserts.

This series is very much a reflection of me—I grew up between two worlds, always in opposition. I would live in the city during the week and then head to the beach for the weekend, moving constantly between my mother’s and my father’s home. It was either excellent or disastrous scores at school for me, there’s never been any in-between. And this juxtaposed lifestyle has followed me. I currently live my life between Paris and Auckland.

My favourite photo of the series is the first, outside the ‘Allen Tire Co.’ store. It’s the perfect mix between city and desert shown in one photo, and captures the essence of Palm Springs. My goal as a photographer is always trying my best to capture this kind of unique moment.”

Check out more from Fabien on Instagram @fabien_voileau

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