Thomas Campbell needs your Help

We’re all for passion projects here at MC, and Thomas Campbell has one on the boil that’s well worth your attention.

For the last six years Thomas has had a skate film on the back burner, and not wanting to play slave to the corporate world, he needs your help in the funding department. The project’s called Ye Olde Destruction and it’s concerned with the building, and skating, of DIY spots.

The project is planned to manifest itself in the form of a limited edition hardcover book featuring images from the project by Brian Gaberman, Arto Saari, Jai Tanju, Joe Brook and Thomas himself. A film that will be featured on Thomas’ Um Yeah Arts Vimeo page, and it features an original soundtrack by No Age. And possibly a vinyl.

Thomas’ shot YOD on film—for those of you outside the biz, that means it’s expensive as shit—and he needs your help. There’s no such thing as money for nothing however, so Thomas has got a load of his artist pals (many of whom are involved in the film) to paint unrefined skateboard blanks, and they’re available to buy. Artists such as Evan Hecox, Barry McGee and Geoff McFetridge (to name a few) are involved in the project, so safe to say that it’s worth keeping an eye on the release of the painted blanks if you fancy owning something a little more affordable than a huge canvas from some of the most iconic American artists of their generation.

Keep an eye on Thomas’ eBay for upcoming painted blanks.

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