Stay Away from the Authorities, Buy Our Knife

A co-worker of ours was recently detained by airport security.

The security lane was shut and our little blonde co-worker was marched out the back. Being located at Gold Coast airport, it would’ve been only too fitting had she have done a Chapelle, but alas, the offending item was soon to be revealed as a fuck-off big kitchen knife. The kind that’ll slice through a watermelon like it’s fairy floss kinda knife. If only she’d heard of the MC x Civilware Clipper Knife.

Knives are one of the handiest pieces of hardware available to man, but if you’re walking around strapped like Uma in Kill Bill, you’re doing yourself zero favours. Instead, you should really invest in our limited edition, custom collab knife that we’ve created with the sharpest tools in the shed, Civilware. It’s super minimal and slim making it perfectly pocket-sized, with a frame lock, full titanium handle, clip point blade, and a LAND boys graphic on the side.The 154-CM blade (not length dummy, it’s the type of steel) pops out via an ambidextrous thumb stud, and its pocket clip means your brand new knife also doubles as a money clip.

Stay away from the authorities, buy our knife.

Get the MC x Civilware Clipper Knife right here (including free express shipping) before they’re sold out.

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