Wu-Tang Clan are Suing an NYC Dog Walking Company

A Brooklyn dog-walking business is feeling the wrath of Wu after being served court papers by Wu-Tang Clan member RZA recently.

Woof-Tang Clan’s (a dog-walking business with arguably the best dog-walking business website I’ve seen in my time) owner Marty Cuatchon was recently notified that he was violating the Wu-Tang trademark after trying to create his own spin-off.

It’s quite a dog move from RZA if we’re going to be honest—the guy has gone on the record to say he was just a “big Wu-Tang Clan fan” who “walks dogs and thought it was a good idea”.

Since Cuatchon received the court papers on behalf of RZA’s legal team, a t-shirt design inspired by Wu-Tang’s Return to the 36 Chambers album, featuring one of their regular customers (a dog named Bali) had been taken down. Remaining, however, is their website full of handmade crayon drawings by artist Nicole Samanich, in which every dog walker and dog have their own bio.

Such as owner Marty: “I’ve been walking dogs in New York for over 5 years and I’ve seen some ridiculous shit, both literally and figuratively. I love it.”

Or Bernadoodle Bodie: “Bodie is forever a ladies man. He’ll walk right past a grandma and cute kid to go rub his ass on a model. He’s going to be the best man at someone’s wedding.”

It’s really something. The whole thing is unfortunately like a Great Dane trying to take on a sausage dog—clearly an unevenly matched fight in which everyone’s hopes lie with the inevitable loser. RIP Woof-Tang Clan, we barely knew ye.

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