Common Ground, by Woody Gooch

A Wanaka love affair.

Our admiration for the work of one Woody Gooch is no secret.

Since winning our annual Photo Comp a few years back, Woody’s really found his straps both as a photographer, and a savvy operator. Dude’s a mover and a shaker in every sense, but, he does it with a touch of class. His latest body of work is one that he’s been working on for some time, a passion project of sorts. Woody’s been taking annual trips to the south island of New Zealand since he was a kid, in particular, Wanaka. Once his photographic career started to take off, Woody began chronicling the stunning landscapes on his annual jaunts, and now, he’s sifted through the hard drives and curated his most stunning images into Common Ground, a show that we’re hosting at the MC space this Friday.

“The show’s called Common Ground as it’s a place that I’ve been coming back to for close to 15 years,” Woody explains. “It’s where I originally found interest to start photographing, and then it just grew into a passion and since then I’ve been going back year after year.”

Woody’s documenting of the area eventually led to a relationship with Lake Wanaka Tourism, one of the many perks being that he now has access to a helicopter. Woody describes shooting from a helicopter for the first time with a wild enthusiasm:

“For the last seven or so years of shooting before that I was just ground level,” he says. “I never thought of having a bird’s-eye view because it was still so overwhelming and there was so much to shoot. But when I first went up in the chopper I just thought ‘holy crap!’ There’s so much more to shoot. It’s really addictive.”

The results of Woody’s Wanaka love affair can never be done due justice on LCD screens, regardless of size. They’re all sitting downstairs at MC HQ waiting to be hung, and take my word for it, they look incredible. If you’re in Sydney this Friday and fancy a drink and a glance at some stunning landscapes, then we’d highly suggest getting along. Details below.

Presented by Vonu Beer, Rum Co of Fiji and Lake Wanaka Tourism.

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