Morgan Maassen’s Hard Drive Dumps are the Best

We don’t all have 17 minutes to spare.

But if you do then this is as fine a way to spend it as any we can think of. Morgan Maassen’s spent a large portion of his life, and almost the entirety of his career, travelling to the best surf spots on the globe with some of the finest surfer’s of his generation. He’s known first and foremost as a stills photographer, but as you can see, is more than capable with moving pictures as well. If you’ve got your finger on the surf pulse then it may be a little obscure seeing footage that’s recognisably¬†old (see the large R. on Noa’s nose), but if you look past that and focus on the surfing, waves and cinematography for that sake of it, then it’s a hell of a trip. View with caution if office-bound, it’s likely to make one a little queasy. Especially¬†if, like all of us, you’ve already used up your four measly weeks of annual leave for ’17.

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