Our Love-Hate Relationship with Photographer Matt Cherubino

It’s always shit talking to Matt Cherubino.

Not ‘cause he’s not a likeable fellow—in fact, quite the opposite. No, it’s painful because whenever he checks in, he’s in a different, perfect little pocket of the earth. One day it’s jagged mountain silhouettes in Norway, then it’s dreamy runs on the best slices of mountain NZ’s got on offer, followed by swimming with humpback whales in Tonga… you get the point, he’s guaranteed to be having a 110% better time than you. And, because we’re twisted little masochists who want to up the office tedium up a few more notches, we asked for more. We requested some of his favourite travel moments and he responded with the following phenomenal shots. Good guy, Matt.

The biggest snowstorm in 80 years they said. We happened to be travelling in a two-wheel drive campervan at the time—I think the rental staff were just as surprised as us when we handed that thing back in one piece.

Around a year ago I took the short leap to the tiny Pacific island of Vavaʻu, Tonga. Eight days spent out on the water, submerged with humpback whales along their annual migration route to Antarctica. An experience that had a profound impact on me.

-20 comes stock standard in Finland. This particular morning was no exception. It was deep winter, as golden hour stretched to two and morning walks became three. This was taken in Ylläs, when some of the most beautiful pastel colours I’ve seen to date seemed to last for hours.

A cloudy day that took a really drastic turn. Deciding to go for a 10.30 pm hike, it didn’t take long to realise what was quite literally unfolding above us. The midnight sun is one of those spectacles that has to be seen to be believed. Here, the sun transitions from sunset to sunrise over the Norwegian sea, engulfed by inversion cloud.

Iceland is a rugged place, generally speaking. As luck would have it, the majority of our 55km trek through the highlands was more than favourable, with good weather on our side. My Austrian pal, Roman Königshofer adds some scale against the sulphur plumes. Easy on the eyes, but as for the smell… not as satisfying.”

Après-ski with a twist. This was moments before the last, and arguably the most, enjoyable run of the day’s heli-ski escapades. Somehow, even with the ‘essentials only’ brief, we slipped this one through the cracks.

Three flights and 24 hours of travel later, I arrived to a dusty afternoon up on the Fjell. Finnish Lapland is a dreamy setup. I remember seeing a snowmobile pull up next to us at the petrol station and found it hard to wrap my head around!

The classic chit chat and yarn before sun-up. It’s no wonder the Dolomites use the term ‘Enrosadira’ which quite literally describes the reddish glow on the peaks. There’s something special about that place, maybe it’s also the novelty of having pizza in the mountains.

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