Top 10 Skate Parts that Used Radiohead Songs

An unlikely union.

Words by Jeremiah D. Rose

Radiohead has never really been one of those bands synonymous with skateboarding.

Most of their songs are soft, doldrum think pieces, and not necessarily upbeat enough to go well with an edit. But, the truth isn’t what everyone thinks is normal, the truth is created by vision, and skateboarding breathes creative vision.

I remember Jesse Landen showing me his ‘sponsor me tape’, which he had edited to a Radiohead song, and it blew my mind. So, here are 10 of the best pairings of Radiohead’s music with skateboarding.

DGK/Zero – Fresh Til Death, Tampa Intro. “You and Whose Army” taken from Amnesiac.

This isn’t necessarily a part, it’s the intro to a section, but it’s one of the best Radiohead tracks so it gets a spot. Plus it’s a play on the whole Zero Army thing. Whose Army? Jamie’s.

Chocolate – Hot Chocolate, Intro. “Everything In Its Right Place” taken from Kid A.

This little snippet is jammed in the first intro when Daniel Castillo is talking about the Chocolate team and getting capped during a drive-by. It’s one of Radiohead’s best songs and deserves its own part, IMO.

North Two – Port Moody Blues, Intro. “Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong” taken from The Bends.

Great song coupled with a great intro to a great video; Jeremy Pettit made some classics and this one is no exception. There is no way to watch this online (with music), so hit up Danny Minnick on eBay and buy a hard copy to look at.

The Watched – Sean McGinnis/Independent, Intro. “Exit Music (For A Film)” taken from OK Computer.

This relatively unknown independent video is very well done and the skating is great. Mix that with a solidly filmed and edited intro with my favorite Radiohead songs and we have a winner.

Element – World Tour Video, End Credits. “Let Down” taken from OK Computer.

This video had a heavy rotation in my VCR back in the day, it has so much amazing skating and tour hijinx that it became an instant classic. End credit songs are crucial in capping off an epic video and winding down the hype while still keeping it lit.

Best Of 411 Vol. 3, Transitions. “High And Dry” taken from The Bends.

Thom Yorke’s biggest regret. He fucking loathes this song, and has mentioned his sheer embarrassment at being responsible for bringing this track into the world. Perhaps he hasn’t seen 411VM and how great it goes with skating?

Strange Brew, Rory Fulber. “Bodysnatchers” taken from In Rainbows.

This song rips, Rory rips, and Strange Brew is one of the best Canadian videos ever made. Enough said.

Adio – One Step Beyond, Tony Hawk. “The National Anthem” taken from Kid A.

The Birdman came through for this video with one of the most groundbreaking vert parts ever, no ffwd here, just pick your jaw up off the floor and turn it up.

PJ Ladds Wonderful Horrible Life, Colin Fiske. “Electioneering” taken from OK Computer.

This video turned the skateboarding world on its ear when it came out—a ragtag bunch of relative unknowns ripping harder than most pros at the time. Colin Fiske’s part was one of my favourites, this skinny punk, carcass tossing and Radiohead is a recipe for a sick part.

Alien Workshop – Photosynthesis, Jason Dill.”Polyethylene” taken from OKNOTOK.

When I first watched this part on the orange VHS tape it came out on, I was entirely floored. The crazy phone call intro, in a classic AWS montage of WTF, the skating, and the song. You can tell it’s Radiohead, but what song?! I couldn’t for the life of me find that track anywhere. I finally got it this year when they released the 20th year anniversary edition of OK Computer (OKNOTOK) and I think I listened to it on repeat for an entire week. One of the best parts ever put out, and so much had to do with this song. Still a classic to this day.

About the author: Jeremiah D. Rose Esq is an avid skateboarder of 30 years who hosts ‘The Ramblin’ Rose Radio Show’ podcast which is almost 40 episodes deep. Check it out here.

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