The Making of the Stanley Donwood Issue

In song!

Every issue of Monster Children needs a soundtrack, and unsurprisingly the Stanley Donwood issue was a Radiohead marathon.

There were times when we’d all be listening to seperate strains of Radiohead on our headphones, whilst Radiohead was also being broadcast to all and sundry over the communal office speakers (which have legs, just fyi). That’s the good thing about Radiohead (and also the thing that makes making a playlist of their music so hard) their music’s so diverse and complex that your personal journey through their discography is very much your own. But that’s enough gushing about the greatest band in the history of the world ever—there’s chatrooms a plenty for that. We’re here to talk about the magazine, specifically the boxset, that we made with dear Stanley Donwood.

The Box Set

As always, for those who like to do things properly, we’ve also produced a box set to accompany our annual guest editor issue. Carefully selected by Mr Donwood himself, it’s a treasure haul of trinkets reflective of our one-time ed. There’s a custom Moleskine inscribed with the iconic pointy-toothed bear, a specially made record reflective of Stanley’s ‘Holloways’ experience (an expedition that spawned some of his most famous work), stickers, badges, and an MC x Paterson pointy-toothed bear cap.

There’s still a few left, don’t wait.

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