Desert Daze 2017, the Highlights

Short and sweet.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

You fucked up by not buying a ticket, and driving out to the desert last weekend. Sure, tell yourself whatever you want, some bland excuse for not getting off your lazy ass, but nah, you pretty much fucked up.

You want to know more?!? All I can really explain is that showing up, getting sucked in, and watching the weekend disappear into a blur of psychedelic soundscapes, installations, and parties surrounded by incredible artists and beautiful people, was by far the best music experience I’ve had in a while.

Let’s just hope it’s a few more years before the greedy corporate fingers come looking to suck the marrow out to feed the hungry hipster masses. (Side note, I just realized I hate the word festival.)

Anyway, until they do, enjoy some photos of what you missed…



(Words and photos by Kealan Shilling)

Ty Segall.
Ty Segall.
Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile
John Cale.
Iggy Pop.
Iggy Pop.
King Gizz.
L.A Witch.
LA Witch

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