Everything is Golden With Narika Mckenzie

Narika Mckenzie is our talented winner who took out the ‘Girls’ category of last year’s MC Photo Comp.

She’s also the last person ever to do so, as ‘Girls’ is no more, making way for our incredible new ‘Portrait’ category. The Sydney-born photographer took out the prize in ’16 with Danielle, an entry of her best friend taken on a golden hour walk when the light decided to fall through the trees and gift her, and ultimately us, with a winning photo.

Narika told us when she won, “If I can be shooting the people I love doing nothing in the hazy afternoon sun for the next 30 years it’ll be the dream.” Turns out she’s been doing a lot of just that in the year since winning our comp, filling up her portfolio with dreamy, intimate portraits and sun-dappled moments across Europe and back home in Australia.

We caught up Narika to get a glimpse of what’s been inspiring her of late, and she hit us back with these incredible shots.

You can catch more of Narika’s work on her Instagram @narikamckenzie

Danielle & Callan, Paris in September
Stephen, golden hour on the train
London birds
Accidental flash in the gallery
“Goodbyes always take us half an hour”
Tom on the expired London Olympic edition film he gave me
Jack (Mansionair) Hordern Pavillion
Midnight in Paris

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