Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Push the Sky Away


I married a pineapple. My aunty has a Chinese duck. The new Bad Seeds album gave me an erection. Can you guess which of these three statements is true? That’s right: the last one. Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds have delivered me yet another boner, and this ones called Push The Sky Away (which is funny because I’m pushing the sky away right now; in fact I’m stirring the clouds. That’s how excited I am.) You can’t begin to imagine how good this record is. It’s definitely the best album since…fuck…since Henry’s Dream? I’m not saying everything between Push the Skyand Henry has blown, but this new record is as well rounded and perfect as Henry’s Dream and you should go out and buy it–once it’s released, sucker.

Choice cuts: all of ‘em, but I really like ‘Mermaids’ and ‘Jubilee Street.’

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