Four Obscure Reasons to Attend Sydney City Limits

But mainly The Libertines.

Festivals spring out of the ground these days.

So why should you care about this one? Well, first off this ain’t no startup. City Limits comes to Sydney with the blessing of its founding big sister Austin City Limits, a festival that’s grown into one of the most musically influential festivals of the year. But, most importantly, the people who’re bringing the festival to the city are the same gaggle who bring you Splendour and Falls every year. In other words: it’ll be well organised and they’re not going to run out of booze at midday or have you queuing around the block for a vodka Red Bull (oh Field Day.) Apart from the pedigree stock from which the festy comes, here’s a couple more completely random reasons that might give you a kick out the door.

The Libby’s

The above poster adorned my boarding school dorm room wall for the duration of my stay there. The best thing about it is that, although it’s highly suggestive of drug use, there’s nothing identifiably reprimandable going on (asides from the size of Carl’s pupils)—therefore bypassing the strict posterboard rules (“Don’t drink and drive, smoke weed and fly” posters were very much a no-no). Time’s past, but the effect of the Libs on my formative years remains, to an extent. Do I still think that being a sweaty junkie and wearing pork pie hats is cool? No. Will I be in the front row belting out every word of the seminal albums The Libertines and Up the Bracket? Yes. Word has it that there was also a third album, but I’m guessing that like me, no one listened to it.


If there was some kind of Forbes list for coolest women in the universe then I’d wager that Grace Jones would’ve been in the top 10 every year since the 70s. And she’s still at it, flashing the paps on the runway, making music with Damon Albarn—just flawless.


Almost a shoe-in for the crown of the nerdiest man in music, Will Toledo, aka the frontman of Car Seat Headrest, will also be heading to SCL, proving that there really is something for everyone on the bill. CSH for the cool kids, The Libertines for sentimental British dudes who used to get bullied for wearing Top Shop jeans and winkle pickers, Beck for people who like Beck, Justice for those who never quite got over the demise of dance music. It’s a smorgasbord.


I got fully stitched up on Friday when it came to Mary’s. We had a party at the office that was catered by Sydney’s best burger joint, with 100 burgers and about 300 punters—first in best dressed. I refused a burger as my girlfriend promised that once she arrived we’d scoot up to Mary’s proper and have a cheat day blow out. Long story short, late gf, fun party, and no Mary’s burgers of any description for yours truly. What’s this got to do with SCL? Well, the Mary’s crew are catering the thing. So goodbye shitty burger van, hello the best booze soaker-upper in the biz.

If these or any of the other coming attractions catch your eye then get ready to pounce when tickets are released on 1st November.

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