Friday Arvo Drinks were Even More Raucous than Usual

Not even rain could dampen the spirits of the crowd who showed up last Friday to celebrate some of the finest in Australian music photography.

Our little (big!) rays of sunshine (Sam Brumby and James Adams) brought the goods with their impressive collection of some of the most intimate moments in live Aussie music, and the party responded in kind. Our rather sizeable Sydney HQ was soon overrun with people enjoying icy cold Young Henry’s, Jameson’s, and burgers courtesy of the good humans at Mary’s. With so much phenomenal work on display it was hard to pin down a favourite, but may we suggest getting your hands on a limited edition zine so you can own them all?

Have a little peek below at who turned out to party, then go buy yourself a zine from the two friendly giants.

Photos by Jack Waddell

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