Victor Kuebart’s a Photographer of Contrasts

One talented German

Last year we became well acquainted with Victor Kuebart, winner of the Travel category in the 2016 MC Photo Comp.

As soon as we saw his winning shot, it was obvious we’d stumbled across one talented German. His portfolio unearthed a landscape heavy collection of otherworldly beauty—not bad for a kid who started off with a shitty digital camera just a few years ago.

We wanted to find out Victor had been up to in the year since winning the MC Photo Comp and whether he’d used the prize money for that trip to Colombia (he did), so we hit him up for to check out what he’d been working on. Luckily for us, he returned with a project called Diptycha, a collection of surreal compositions juxtaposing the natural and urban environments which he told us a little about:

“Sorting through and cropping photos of my travels, I realised at one point that some of the artificial man-made subjects in my collection complimented the natural ones. I found similar structures in subjects created by nature, as I did by those created by humans. The same applied to the compositions and axis within the photos. As I began to experiment with different combinations, I was intrigued to see that marrying certain images changed the way I viewed them completely, at a meta level. New meanings became visible through confrontation of the previously individual single shots that I had intended to be stand-alone. Hence, the idea for this project was born.

Questions about mankind and its obsession with upwards spiralling progress, as well as global growth issues such as abundance and mass consumption, began to arise. As a visual thinker, I used repetitive or synergistic axes within the composition as guiding elements to sculpt the messages I attempted to convey to the viewer. This results in a collection of visuals that seem to evade language.”

Keep up to date with Victor’s work here or try your own luck in the 2017 MC Photo Comp here.

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