This Week’s Top Picks from the MC Photo Comp

Our annual MC Photo Comp kicked off this week and we were immediately flooded with an insane selection of photos.

Our travel, portrait, lifestyle, action, music, and student categories have been overrun with steamy entries from all across the globe, all vying for a chance to win their share of $30k. It was tough, but somehow we’ve managed to narrow them all down to just 10, to bring you our ‘MC Top Picks of the Week’. So here follows a few of our favourites, some of which could very well take out the top prizes. How do you prevent that from happening? You get those lazy fingers moving, and enter your own shots. For doing so, we might even reward you with $5k prize money—easiest money you’ve ever made. Check out what you’re competing with, then enter here before it’s too late.

Alec Castillo @castilloalec – Lifestyle
Alec Castillo @castilloalec -Travel
Bas Van Est @basvanest – Lifestyle
Dexter Wright @dexter_wright – Student
Marc Llewellyn @emvielle – Action
Stephen Boxshall @halo1469 – Music
James Peppercorn @apdreams97 – Student
Jesse Wiles @WILDWILES – Portrait
Matt Godkin @matt_godkin – Portrait
Michael Baca @baca4149 – Action
Robbie Atkin Robertson @robbieatkinphoto – Music
Stephan Schmidt – Travel

Nothing good comes to those who wait, enter the 2017 MC Photo Comp right here.

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