Travel Photography, with Nuance

We’re all about the photography at MC at the moment.

After almost a whole year of shifting through droves of photos, to the point of existentially questioning the validity of each and every pixel that slid across the desk, we’re back in a clear(ish) headspace, with our annual photo comp reinvigorating our love for the art form. With that in mind, we’re featuring some of our acquaintances who do it rather well in the hope of inspiring the masses to shift through the hard drives and enter their best efforts. Today we feature the subtle film work of photographer Cameron Peters.

The photos featured below are the result of a trip that Cam took last year through Morocco, Spain and France, and they’re all available as prints, if you’re that way inclined. “Not long before the trip I bought an M5 and paired it with a Voigtlander lens I borrowed off my brother,” Cam explains. “I only got to do two test rolls before the trip which had very mixed results, so I threw in my trusty Contax for back up, bought another 40 rolls and set off on probably the most stupidly ambitious trip I had ever decided to shoot. I’ve been very fortunate to travel and see some amazing places over the last few years but nothing has compared to Morocco. It is truly an amazing place, sure it has some pretty gritty and nasty sides but the landscapes, architecture, and history are incredible. It was actually so overwhelming at times, I just had to put the camera down and take it all in.”

Hop on Cam’s site and grab yourself a print here, or if you think your travel snaps far superior to his, dive into our photo comp and duel it out here.

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