Grand Collection’s “Autumn” Release

The best gear for the best time of year.

Crisp autumn weather and New York City go together like Bogie and Bacall.

And with Grand Collection’s new seasonal release, you can look as classically clean as the famous Hollywood couple and not even have to throw on a tux. Maybe it’s the local feel of the whole project – the team is just a group of friends and all the hats are handmade in Brooklyn – or maybe it’s the fact that each release comes coupled with a full montage of awesome skating that makes Grand Collection stand out in the crowded space of new clothing brands. If you want to drop some prestige on your consumers, make a longer-than-Instagram clip of Spencer Hamilton, Nick Ferro, Dana Ericson, Connor Champion, Kevin Tierney, and Brian Delaney. That’s a done deal. If you feel like something is missing out, though, it’s probably that you noticed a glaring lack of Wade Desarmo footage this time around. We’re told by Grand Collection’s creator that he’s working on a full part that will be dropping soon, but if you’re looking to fill that void here’s some brand new footage of Wade skating around Toronto in promotion for his new éS colorway, which incidentally pairs perfectly with a new Grand Collection cap or hoodie. Grand Collection and éS: the new Bogie and Bacall.

Grab some new headwear and hoodies for the fall over at Grand Collection’s website and cop some Wade D éS colorways here.

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