A DC and Enjoi Shoe Collaboration?

I was worried when I saw that the DC Promo had only a few tricks from Thaynan Costa in it.

What was it, two? The homie just turned pro for Enjoi and now he needs to eat. I feel like the shoe companies are probably where the lion’s share of a pro paycheck comes from, and with Thaynan on the roster full-time now I was excited to see how he’d play it. Yet it wasn’t to be, as we now know, and the DC Video was dominated by some other worthy teammates. All we got was a line (albeit a banger) and another step-off-grind on a bump-to-flatbar (this time frontside). Those expecting a follow-up to his going pro, Our Sweet Baby, celebratory part were left sorely disappointed.

Thankfully for Thaynan, DC noticed the oversight and swiftly corrected it, blessing us with not one, but two, new shoes done in collaboration with Enjoi. We’re working here with a wacky slip-on adorned with a cute lil pattern of enjoi pandas, flamingos, a shortbus, and ice cream, sourced by Thaynan himself from previous Enjoi graphics, as well as a much more palatable Stan Smith-lookin’ leather number. Collaboration capsules between a skater’s sponsors seem to be a big thing these days and, you know, if they’re helping skater-owned companies keep afloat out there then I’m all for it. I may not wear a pink t-shirt with both an Enjoi and a DC logo on it, but writing that now is actually kind of far out to think about.

There’s a collaboration my 14-year old brain would not have anticipated. While not the ‘holy grail’ of a pro shoe, at least Thaynan can probably cop some royalties and make his board sponsor happy. Here’s to DC’s resurgence and here’s hoping enjoi makes another video soon, with Thaynan sticking around on both.

Get your feet in a pair of the DC x Enjoi capsule at your local skate shop or right here.

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