Want Steamy, Intimate Access to the Best in Australian Music?

Earlier this year Australian photographers (and MC favourites) James Adams and Sam Brumby held a photo exhibition at our Sydney HQ titled, No Music.

In case you missed it, it was a showcase of all the insane pictures they take when they’re not shooting music, which is the bulk of their enviable portfolios.

And, it was one hell of a party. So good, in fact, that the boys have decided to return with a second show next Friday, October the 20th, titled, Music. In case you were slow on the uptake, this is because the show will consist of tour photos, live shots, behind the scenes action, and much more, all from their time shooting the best acts in Australian music. Fear not—the quality of their photos far surpasses their efforts at naming the aforementioned exhibitions.

For all you cheap bastards out their who like to have a good time, the free tins will a-flowing thanks to Young Henry’s and Jameson’s, plus burgers from Sydney’s best in show, Mary’s. And yes, there will be music. See you there.

Mini Skirt. (James Adams)
The kids of Britain. (James Adams)
Tender in the pit. (James Adams)
Sad sticks. (James Adams)
The Preachers cool off. (Sam Brumby)
Kirin J doing what he does best. (Sam Brumby)
Stick fingers, green roomin’. (Sam Brumby)
Raury mingling. (Sam Brumby)

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