“The Best Stuff in Surfing’s Rooted”

The boys have been away for some time, and seemingly they’ve spent the break furiously sharpening their pencils ready for dueling it out on the airwaves.

That said, this mammoth episode (almost two hours of jibber-jabbering) is crammed full of all the off-the-cuff anecdotes and hilarity that makes ATS such a beloved feature of the surf canon. Highlights include but not limited to: Jed’s Sally Fitz foot-in-mouth and resulting bail-out shovelling, the musings on the almost guaranteed earnestness of the Laird Hamilton documentary (“It looks fucked, let’s be honest.” “I love fucked shit, it’s claaasssic.” “The best stuff in surfing’s rooooted.”), and the enticing giveaway (a new feature for the show) that gives you the opportunity to win a soggy rash vest that Jack Freestone wore at the Billabong Pro Tahiti. What more could you want? If you’re permitted to use headphones in your cubicle we’d highly suggest hitting play and gently pushing paper around for the rest of the afternoon—ATS is a fine way to get to quittin’ time.

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