This Burton Duffel is for Adults Only

Being organised always starts out with the best intentions.

You go to the store and buy that year planner. You cook that pasta to eat for the next six days. You pencil in all the fitness sessions you’ll do in a week.

The Burton Backhill Duffel Bag lets you continue under the illusion of being your ‘best self’. The perfectly sized, 40-litre bag has an internal organisation system that’ll help you compartmentalise your electronics, travel accessories, and feelings of childhood abandonment. The water-resistant zippers protect your precious cargo—wet Cheezels are useless—and let you sort your dirty undies from your clean ones, because you’re an adult now and you definitely remembered to pack numerous pairs. Perfect for a day trip, weekender, or as carry-on luggage, it’s really all you need in a bag.

A better you awaits, buy it here.

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