A Restock of the New Vans UltraRange?

What does UltraRange mean?

Sure beats me. Do these shoes offer an extreme range of ways you can wear them? A wide variety of things they can skate? In the way of explanation, Vans offers a bunch of promotional “fit”-related wordage about their featured benefits like a “breathable LuxLiner (™) for consistent, responsive fit” and “internal sock-fit construction,” which is cool if you’re a stockist who needs a selling point. Or maybe you have unique feet and can’t find the right kind of shoe and all the technology that goes into making a pair has a deeper meaning to you. If you’re not selling them and you’re not a shoe aficionado, like me, then just know that the Vans UltraRange Pro is a dope looking shoe that skates great, which is sort of Vans’ thing. With a more sneaker-esque silhouette and breathable mesh side vent, the shoe’s colorways recall a 90s Airwalk BMX kick, which may not be Vans’ intention but is totally working for me. I’d feel awesome wearing these, though maybe not as awesome as Tyson Peterson seen up-top backside 5-0ing these 5 kinks worth of handrail. I don’t need any fancy selling points to understand that.


Grab a pair in their new seasonal colorways for the holidays at finer skateshops worldwide or right here.

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