A Man Dressed as a Shark has been Fined under Austria’s new Anti-burqa Laws

Two images of the saga taken from Warda Network’s FB page, branded with some German text I can’t translate because I am too lazy to learn a second language

“It would be a shame if there were no more mascots from now on”

The lack of common sense displayed by law enforcement and their inability to comprehend even the basic fundamentals of police discretion will never cease to amaze me. The latest and greatest example comes by way of Austria, who at the beginning of this month began enforcing a new law that prohibits people from covering their faces in public.

To avoid backlash, the laws were written to seem religiously-neutral, despite very obviously only existing to stop Muslim women wearing burqas, which is illegal in France and other parts of Europe.

But apparently the vague nature of the law is causing confusion amongst Austrian law enforcement after a young man dressed as the mascot of the McShark Electronics store in Vienna was fined €150 when he refused to remove his shark head when police asked. Instead, in a muffled voice he reportedly told them, “I’m just doing my job.”

The advertising agency employed by McShark Electronics, Warda Network, posted about the fine on its Facebook page, saying “Today we were at the McShark store opening and our shark mascot received a fine from the Vienna police because of the new ban on face-coverings! Life is not easy!” Meanwhile, Warda Network’s managing director said they are unsure if they will continue using mascots in their campaigns, lamenting that “it would be a shame if there were no more mascots from now on.”

Insert eternal sad face.

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