Andrew Allen, Part two

We sat around Andrew Allen’s porch, drinking wine, smoking cigarettes, waiting for him to kick off this interview with his roommate, Tino Razo. It was Logan Lara, Aidan Mackey, Cody Simmons, Cruz, Nuge and me, and we got a little tipsy as we waited for the conversation that we thought we were all sitting in on. We didn’t notice Andrew and Tino disappear.

I don’t know what Andrew Allen does. I don’t know how he thinks, how he occupies his spare time. In saying that, I spend more time with him than I spend with anyone I know. I talk to him all day every day, but I’m still completely clueless. He’s either a strange, secretive bastard or just a terrible communicator—I dunno which.

Eventually Andrew and Tino re-emerged on the porch, and Andrew said, ‘I just emailed you the interview to transcribe.’ Once again he’d left me in the dark. A lot has been going on with this dude, but keeping his mates in the loop isn’t an option; you just find out after the fact.

I raced home, poured myself another glass of wine and got stuck into transcribing the interview, and I have to say I was astonished: I cannot fuckin’ believe Andrew talked this much about himself and what he’s doing. He’d never been this open before and he probably never will be again. We can consider ourselves very lucky.

Foreword and Photos by Andrew Peters | Interview by Tino Razo

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