Chippa Wilson is King of the Slop

Pro surfers surfing perfect waves is great ‘n all.

But you really get an appreciation for just how damn good they are when you see them in the run of the mill crap that you surf on a daily basis. Of all the surfers likely to completely blow your mind in an average two-foot beachbreak, Chippa Wilson would have to be top of the list. The guy is like nothing that’s come beforeand if the current crop of upcoming surfers is anything to go bynothing that’s going to come along anytime soon. He’s basically invented a brand new form of surfing, taking varials and shove its, manoeuvres that generally look stiff and slow, and performing them at breakneck speeds as a part of combos. Somehow, Chippa’s still chronically underrated and doesn’t get the credit that he deserves. However, if you examine history in surfing and otherwise, those who’re ahead of their time tend not to while they’re still topical. In other news, the reason that we’re raining praise down upon Chippa today is that he’s been testing summer rubber on the mid-north coast of NSW with the Adelio gang. The mercury’s slowly rising making a 2 mil a now viable option. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the 2/2 short arm steamer is the don of wetsuits.

Liberate yourself with a new suit, right here.

As if you were in need of further persuasion of Chippa’s slop probs, please note that this photo was taken at Bondi Beach world famous, and that wave is nothing but a filthy mother of a closeout. Photo by Respondek.

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