Five Minutes with Logan Taylor

The most distant memory I have of Logan is probably close to 10 years ago when I was over hanging out with his older brother Jordan, skateboarding in the front yard on one of their flatbars. Logan came home from a baseball game he was in and he was so small and shy that he would just run into the house straight to the upstairs window to watch the older kids skate. Fast forward several years, a growth spurt or three, and now Logan is one of the most talked about and inspiring skateboarders to come out of Encinitas, in my opinion. It’s only the beginning too, the kid doesnt even know the potential he has considering he’s learning new tricks all the time and surprising everyone around on the daily. Psyched to see what’s been good with him lately with these questions.

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Logan Alan Taylor

You work at the YMCA skatepark, how is it giving lessons to little kids starting to skate?
It’s pretty tight to see and teach the kids who actually are down to skate. Other than that, it’s like daddy day care (laughs). The next generation is gonna be jacked though.

What’s your opinion on San Diego spots?
Spots in SD are pretty harsh these days. Everyone who lives here knows that but you gotta work with what you’ve got.

Heard you just started renting a little bungalow in Leucadia, how’s living alone for the first time?
It’s pretty tight for the most part. Super mellow and it’s in the middle of an alley right in the heart of Leucadia, which is the place to be. One thing I do miss is home cooked-meals, can’t beat that.

How many times a week do people mistake you for your older brother Jordan? (Taylor, Toy Machine rider)
(laughs) Shit, I’d say at least once a week maybe more just depends who I run into.

Have you ever played it off like you were him?
I used to correct people but now it happens so much I just go along with it all the time. Pretty funny I always tell my brother after it happens.

I know you get anxiety sometimes, what causes it the most you’d say?
Probably doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Think they call that insanity. (laughs)

Breakdown Rat Crew for everyone who doesn’t know.
Just a crew of my friends I grew up with. If you know, you know. Brothers for life.

What’s up with the Rico’s (Taco Shop) tradition?
Traditions tradition. If you haven’t been I suggest you go, best burrito … Crispy.

Alright Logan, what can we see next of yours in the future?
I’m working on a transmission online part for the Transworld site right now.

Interview & Portrait: Alex Schmidt
Skate photos: Mikey Gould

Logan’s latest video project:

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