Trump Just Refused to Waive Shipping Restrictions to Get Aid to Puerto Rico

Just when you thought things couldn’t get heavier, not-most-people’s president Donald Trump just denied a request from members of congress to waive shipping restrictions enforced by the Jones Act to get life saving aid to the people of Puerto Rico.

The Jones Act limits shipping between coasts to U.S Flagged vessels, and was waived by The Department of Homeland Security after hurricanes Harvey and Irma affected many white Americans. Crazy how a light skin pigment can really speed things up. Hurricanes hit mainland US—Texas and Florida—inhabited by white American citizens, aid comes. Hurricane Maria near obliterates Puerto Rico, an island that is U.S territory but inhabited by brown and black Puerto Rican Americans—no soup for you.

Congress is begging him to reconsider so that gasoline and other supplies can get to the ravaged island sooner. Most parts of the island are flooded and currently without power or running water. The death toll stands at 16, but San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz says that number will rise dramatically as the island awaits outside help—you know, the lifesaving kind that Trump doesn’t want to give. Meanwhile, Trump’s latest tweet really helps explain his side of the story. Kidding, it’s a video of Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt kneeling for the American anthem. Wait, what?

Oh, also, in 2015, a month after Trump started running for president, he filed for bankruptcy, leaving Puerto Rico with a $33 million bond for one of his shitty golf courses that never got built. Fast forward two years, he’s denying aid to the very same place and tweeting shit like this:

This guy. It’s unfathomable.

If you want to be nothing like him, donate to Puerto Rico here. 

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