Lucas Beaufort’s Devotion to Print

Print is a hot topic right now.

Possibly in the wake of a New York Times piece released last week, where Kurt Anderson refers to print magazines as going the way of the sailboat. We don’t necessarily need sailboats anymore, but a great number of people still buy them, make them, and will continue to enjoy them for as long as we can forsee. But things don’t always operate in the same way when it comes to skateboarding. Enter artist, Lucas Beaufort. Since March of 2016, the French artist has been travelling the globe across Europe, Japan, the U.S. and Australia, meeting the kingpins of skateboard media and compiling their thoughts on print and what they see for the future of print-media in skateboarding.

We were happy to see Lucas at the screening for DEVOTED that he hosted in L.A. back in June, and took the opportunity to ask the illustrator-turned-director what the future might hold for him as a filmmaker.
DEVOTED is for sure not the last one. Filming for two years all around the world gave me so much love, I can’t stop now. I have tons of projects in mind, I’d like to do something with girls in skateboarding, but also something with the people who disappeared. I also wanna document incredible talents living in the subway.”
When asked where this love for print media and skateboarding began for him, he replied, “My love for print media started a long time ago. My first experience with a skate mag was in Toulouse. I think I was 13, I didn’t know that you could ollie with a skateboard, it was like a shock. After that day I started to buy all the skateboard magazines. Print played a huge role in my life because it taught me how beautiful skateboarding is. Now, I feel the need to transmit it to the new generation, I feel like it’s my duty.”
A job as worthy as it is sacred.
If you weren’t already familiar with Beaufort’s contributions to skateboarding culture, unearth yourself from the rock you’re living under and visit his website. Or start here by enjoying this sampling of his appropriated magazine pages and overs, then, stalk him on Insta.

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