Listen to Clean Spill’s New Track ‘Note to Self’

Note to self: listen to more Clean Spill.

Hailing from Santa Barbara, Clean Spill have been delivering a heavy dose of melodic, garage flavoured surf rock since 2013. Lead by Pat Curren, son of the legendary Tom Curren, their sound reflects their lifestyle, which upon listening one can quickly deduce revolves around music and surfing (the latter is the only activity listed under the band’s ‘interests’ on their Facebook page). It’s an enviable existence amplified by an enviable sound.

If the Strokes grew up on the beach in California, this is what they’d sound like. Slick rock that’s still a little rough around the edges, with a deadpan vocal that somehow makes you feel really alive. Today they release their new single, “Note to Self”, and it’s worth more than a single rotation through the speakers. Go on, live a little. Press play.

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