Artist Evan Rossell Talks us Through His Alter Ego

Who is Stink?

Is he a fictional fuzzy character, creeping across public surfaces and lurking at the periphery with his illustrated gang of friends, the Hairy Fools? Or is he the artist Evan Rossell, born and raised in Southern California on a healthy diet of surf, skate and notebook doodling? Truth is, he’s a bit of both.

Evan Rossell, AKA Stink, has adorned his imaginary gang of hairy creatures he calls the Hairy Fools on everything from skateboards, to surfboards, clothes, houses, walls, ramps and more. Sometimes sinister, almost always colourful, they’re the kind of drawings you want to reach out and hug, getting a little prickled in the process. Stink explained his fantasy squad in an interview with CONVICTS as:

“They’re the crew I never had. The surf crew, skate crew, graffiti crew that I wish I had…so these are just a bunch of little Hairy Fools. Then from there, I was like ‘Everybody can be a part of it.’ Everybody’s colorful and hairy in their own way, you know?”

CONVICTS spent a little time following Stink around his neighbourhood, so press play above to check it out.

Check out CONVICTS’ full interview with Evan here.

Stink in action for Nike’s Go Skate Day 2017


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