The Adventure Handbook Needs your Help

If there’s anyone that’s sympathetic to the excruciating cost of printing words and photos onto paper then it’s us.

Thus why we’re getting behind the folk at The Adventure Handbook who are attempting to bring their darling web portal to the page. Now you may be wondering why they’d want to reverse evolution and start back peddling, and well, it’s a valid question. For those of us in the publishing biz, perhaps the only thing that we can agree on is that making magazines is a humongous pain in the arse, and worth it, occasionally. However, The Adventure Handbooker’s consider themselves a bastion of grassroots travel and the photos that reflect such an experience, and in this increasingly disposable digital age they want to make something that lasts. Hey, we can get on board with that. Hit the link at the bottom to help the gang’s tangible dreams become reality.

Photo by Kanghee Kim.
Photo by George Voulgaropou.
Photo by Benjamin Rasmussen.
Photo by David Alan Harvey.
The cover’s done, now to fill the thing.

Throw your denari at something meaningful…ish, right here.

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