Does a Full-Length, Independent Skate Video Sound Like Your Thing?

Introducing, Overtime

No disrespect to clips, individual parts, commercials, teasers, grams, stories, snaps, sneak peeks, previews, video journals, single tricks, best-of compilations, compilations of any kind, throwbacks, or recaps; if you’ve got good skateboarding I’m probably going to watch it.

But, with a chunk of time to kill in the name of watching skateboarding, a full-length video wins hands down. Representing a broader scope of a region or culture, a longer period of time, and a better sense of the people on the boards, a full-length is just a more enriching experience. When Alex Doyle’s first teaser for his new full-length video, Overtime, crossed my desk I happily watched it. A teaser is a great thing, a risky thing, a display of pride for what you’re working on but also a bar and a reminder you set for yourself that you still have work to do. Alex sets us up with the kind of bloopers, oddities, slams, and tricks that come from a prolonged filming period, using different frame sizes with a deft sense of mood and theme.

This bodes well for the final product, which will feature full parts from his friends Skylar Kehr, Tom Robinson, Kyle Nickoshie, and Dane Pryds. He tells me they’re going to Italy to shoot some of it which, interestingly enough, does not seem to be a heavily trafficked skate destination. The crew has already been shooting since spring ‘17 and they hope to complete the video in spring ‘18, at which point I hope to ease into a comfortable seat and enjoy another hard-earned, full-length independent skate video.

Watch this space...

Paying the tolls in the name of, well, your enjoyment.

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