Is the 917 flick the Skate video of the year?

photos by Colin Sussingham

Everyone knows the first thing about being cool is to shut up and let style do the talking.

And 917 is cool as shit. In a flawless execution, their name is a callable, active phone number, +1 (917) 692-2706, that goes straight to a voicemail with no explanation and, with no hub bub whatsoever, their video was released on the day it was planned to be released. Simple as that. You click play and get an aural montage of phone messages and then head straight into 35 minutes of really, really good wall-to-wall skating. There’s rap music and there’s early 00’s punk rock. There’s Alex Olson in a turtleneck on a catwalk and there’s Alex Olson doing some very powerful moves. Aidan Mackey opens the video with an absolute barnburner of a part and Max Palmer closes it. The in between is just as sick. I don’t know many of these kids’ full names but I’ve seen them around and figure I will soon. Furthermore, the video is free and you can download it to your computer. My only negative comment is there’s not enough Genesis Evans footage, an admission by the man himself in the first few minutes of the video.

Again, that’s: 917-692-2706. Don’t delay, act now! Give ’em a call and tell them how fucking sick their video is, then go skate.

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