The kamikaze trick lines was a nice addition.

Here’s Everything that Went Down at the Dime Glory Challenge

Photos by Ryan Lebel

Big names from across the globe gathered in Montreal, Canada last weekend for Dime’s Glory Challenge presented by DC.

The main event began Saturday afternoon, to a packed house of rowdy riders of cargo-pant/wrap around-shade-wearing skaters who take themselves all but too seriously for a chance to compete for ‘one million dollars’. The event was posted live via Dime’s Instagram story, allowing for a global audience to witness not only the longest kickflip ever, but true to Dime form—one of the most stylish. So if you FOMO’d over your mobile data plan and still yearning for more glory, the following photos are from the entire weekend, including Saturdays Block Party, Sunday’s Street Challenge and finally the Bowling Challenge.

Evan Smith & Wes Kremer





You can check out more from photographer Ryan Lebel here, or cruise on over to the Dime store.

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