The Exhibition Not to Miss at The Slow

Photo by Kate Bellm

If you’ve been keeping up with Monster Children and our recent reportings, you’d know that The Slow is one of the best spots to stay in Bali.

You’d also know that they play host to some of the best photographers and artists in the game via their exhibition space. Recent MC favourites Woody Gooch and Ozzie Wright have recently been called up to bat, and now it’s Kate Bellm’s turn. The English-born photographer has a body of work that speaks of a person who simply can’t put down their camera, regardless of the subject. She’s shot for an enviable list of clients and magazines, but when we once asked her about her accomplishments, she said, “I try not to think about it as success. I work, I travel, I publish, I don’t publish, I achieve, I fail, I move on. I cannot imagine not taking photos; it’s been a part of my character and the way I connect with people since I was young.”

Whether she’s shooting ladies, steaming piles of spilled lasagne, or tigers ripping into a piece of steak, she approaches each photo with her signature style—bold, rebellious and youthful. If you do happen to be on the island on the 14th of September, you’d be mad not to attend.

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