Pama Davies, Putting for the Win

Pama Davies is Bondi’s finest in every sense of the word.

The best surfer at the world’s most soul-destroyingly frustrating beach, and a lovely bloke to boot, Pama’s taken full advantage of being gifted the opportunity to travel and surf after signing on with the R. at the beginning of the year. The product of which is Dabble. Three and a half mins has to be the perfect length for a surf edit, and Dabble‘s packed with a blend of airs, turns and tubes from a smattering of locales. Oh, and the Cloudbreak section was the first time Pama’d been to Fiji—not bad for a kid who grew up chop-hopping over backpackers caught in the rip at south Bondi.

I was actually present for a little of the filming process of this short webisode. Well, not the surfing, but the after hours activities. A couple hundred miles from where I now sit, we drank a carton of Corona (procured from this fine workplace) and snuck onto the golf course after dark to tap a few down the fairway. A left-hander, Pama wasn’t much cop with any of the right-handed drivers, but he can sure wack a ball left-handed with a putter. The same can’t be said for Dane Singleton however—the talented gent who shot and cut the above film. He is, without question, the most shithouse golfer in the universe.

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