Dane Reynolds, Premium Violence

Tools down.

It’s all go in the Reynolds Camp.

Dane and his wife Courtney have just had twins—Bobbie and Maggie, Former have just dropped their second range Premium Violence, and DR’s just dropped the first surf edit to turn our heads in, what, six months? There’s a little central America, some Portugal, and a chunk from the east coast of Australia from the time that the Former gang spent here for the launch of the Luxury 29.99 range. You’d be a brave man to argue that Reynolds doesn’t look tack sharp, see the mind-boggling air at the two-minute mark if you’re in need of further convincing.

The Premium Violence range is a nice variation on the theme that the boys set out with in their first range. Printed tees with a twist, a little colour, and some on point hoods and sweats, all complimented with a full-lengther from the most culturally valuable surfer we’ve got. You can’t say that the Former gang aren’t good to you.

Flick through the Premium Violence collection and watch the film here.

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