A Nick Cave Graphic Biography is Almost Here


Nick Cave fans, listen in. 

Award winning graphic novelist Reinhard Kleist is set to release a 328-page graphic biography based on the enigmatic Nick Cave. Like the many faceted artist himself, the book delves into both Nick Cave the person—from his childhood in Australia, to his years fronting The Birthday Party and The Bad Seeds—as well as a cast of characters from his lyrics and writing. It’s moody, sentimental and deeply symbolic—in other words, a true Cave biography. Kleist consulted his subject throughout the book’s creation, with Cave providing details about his life and creative advice, as well as the eventual tick of approval. The musician said about the final product:

“Reinhard Kleist, master graphic novelist and myth-maker has-yet again-blown apart the conventions of the graphic novel by concocting a terrifying conflation of Cave songs, biographical half-truths and complete fabulations and creating a complex, chilling and completely bizarre journey into Cave World. Closer to the truth than any biography, that’s for sure! But for the record, I never killed Elisa Day.”

Nick Cave: Mercy on Me isn’t the first graphic biography on a renowned figure that Kleist has done, with other novels such as Castro, and Johnny Cash: I See A Darkness, but it may well be his best. Or maybe we’re just biased.

Find out for yourself on the 7th September, or pre-order Nick Cave: Mercy on Me here


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