Run the Jewels: How Obsession Got Them to the Top

How a college educated drug dealer and a high school drop out made it to the top. 

Rap duo Run The Jewels, consisting of Killer Mike and El-P, didn’t have smoothest of starts. But, as they explain in Volcom‘s latest short film series ThisFirst, they decided they were going to turn their life’s obsession into their day jobs, no matter what it took. Both of the guys felt they’d found their calling from a young age, with Killer Mike saying “I decided I wanted to be a rapper when I was nine”, and El-P deciding to forego normal high school to pursue sound engineering. Watch the video above to hear the guys chat about how they went from music obsessed kids to one of the most hard-working rap outfits in the game today.

Volcom’s short film series ThisFirst celebrates the irrational pursuit of passion—regardless of what that may be—and it’s lead them to the most diverse list of ambassadors they’ve ever had. Tied to each other only by they’re utter obsession for their craft, you can meet the 15-strong line up of ambassadors which include artists, musicians, B-Boys, photographers, conservationists and more, here.

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