What on God’s Green Earth is This? Feat. Clare Maguire


Who’s the pretty girl with the deep, honest, seductive eyes? How can you get close to her and know her deepest and darkest secrets? No idea. But here’s one cool thing you can learn about her – she sounds NOTHING like she looks.

Close your eyes and imagine what kind of a body houses a voice like this. I realize I’ve already given away the ending, and now you’ve already seen her picture you’ll just imagine her singing, but I couldn’t take her image off her soundcloud and there’s no other way for you to hear this song. Sue me.

Anyway… this smokey, soulful husk-box has a cool story attached to it’s vocal chords – the one and only Jarvis Cocker heard some of Maguire’s demos and sent her a song he wrote to record. I get mail like that all the time, so for me it’d be no big deal. But for Clare, I’m sure it was pretty special. The song is called ‘Half-Hearted Love’, and you can check it out below. Yep, that’s really her singing like that. I know. What a freak.

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