Last Friday in Chinatown, LA, Former released their second collection to a select group of friends and family before they send it live on their site next week for the masses.

It was a fairly civil beginning for a range called ‘Premium Violence’, but by the end of the night they lived up to the title. After clothes were critiqued, purchased and beers were consumed everyone was pointed in the direction of Los Globos on Sunset. Things really ramped up with a set by Sacred Bones rockers¬†Destruction Unit: eardrums were blown, elbows thrown, and unfortunately for one unlucky punter pictured below, one can only assume that a nose was broken.

You can still get your mitts on the new collection before everyone else by heading to the ‘PREMIUM VIOLENCE’ pop-up this Saturday at 804 Yale St, Chinatown, Los Angeles 90014. Alternatively, the new collection and Dane Reynolds’ new film will be live on former.xxx next Tuesday.

Photos by Victoria Moura

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