Night and Day, DTLA

A short piece directed by Ryan Allan

Are there two things more polar opposite than night and day?

Night and day in downtown Los Angeles: the bustling daytime neighbourhood said to have about 500,000 jobs but only 58,000 (official) residents empties at night into a surreal, serene landscape of deserted boulevards and silent skyscrapers. The bustle of foot traffic and vendors subside, thrusting the boarded up theatres and empty office buildings to the forefront. Downtown is a dichotomy of differences. Now rebranded and abbreviated to the hip “DTLA,” the site of the Spanish mission that founded the modern-day city of Los Angeles was once home to the Tongva, a Native American people. What was once a thriving theatre and arts district now hosts a Skid Row with one of the largest stable homeless populations in the country. Like night and day, it’s hard to ignore the differences. Stevie Williams is spending more time at his Los Angeles home these days and gives us his take on the difference of twelve hours in this short piece directed by Ryan Allan, presented by G-SHOCK.

Jump onboard with Stevie’s look, right here.

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