There’s Still Time to Enrol to Vote in the Same-Sex Marriage Plebiscite

Unless you live under a rock, you’ll be aware that Australia’s wasting an incredible amount of taxpayer money (not to mention paper) and having a legally nonbinding postal vote on whether same sex couples should be allowed to be joined in marriage.

The concept of the plebiscite itself is utterly archaic, but hey, if the dinosaurs are trying to catch out anyone under the age of 40 who doesn’t receive mail because they actually give a shit about the dwindling number of trees on the planet, then we’ve just got to fill in a few tedious forms online and give them what they want.

The murdering of the trees and the crippling of the mailmen won’t actually be happening until the beginning of September, but you’ve got until midnight on Thursday 24th August to update your details if you’re already registered to vote, or to register to vote with your current address if you’re not already enrolled. Because let’s face it, god knows where the Electoral Commission thinks I live, and if you’ve been skip-hopping around share houses for the last ten years, like all good non-baby boomers would have been, then you’ll be in the same boat.

At the end of the day, the fact that we’re only just having this conversation in a country like Australia now—one that the rich white dudes who run the joint claim is “young and vibrant”—is just embarrassing. Some of the quaintness that comes from being detached from the rest of the world is quite charming—the ever-baffling pronunciation of “sewage”, slapping “ies” on the end of the names of all public services etc.—not treating all people as equals is not. It is quite frankly, appalling.

So hey, we’re just here to say that we believe that everyone should be treated equally and be allowed to marry whoever they want, regardless of creed, colour or sex. And that despite thinking that calling a plebiscite is pretty much the most cowardly thing that investment banker-turned-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull could have done, it’s better to be heard than to sit in silence.

To enrol for the first time dive in here.

If you’ve been house-hopping and need to update your address you need to head here.

If you’re old school and fancy clogging up the phone lines, then tap 1800 572 113 into your handset.

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