Capturing a Glacier’s Dying Soul

Here’s a refreshing twist on sponsored content.

The way that things generally work in the dear media ecosystem in which we reside is that the creative approaches the big lucrative company with an idea that they think will help them flog more watches, flick knives, whatever. The company says, “sounds interesting”, gives them a fraction of the funding that they were asking for, and then proceeds to micromanage the whole process until you end up with a finished product that resembles nothing of the original concept, and neither parties are particularly happy. Not this time, however.

The Canon Show Us What’s Possible project gives creatives the chance to pitch their ideas to an expert panel (including MC’s very own Hollywood) and if they get the green light then not only do they receive ample financial backing, but also all the shiny Canon gear that they need to get the job done.

The first finished project to come out of the Show Us What’s Possible initiative is Vaughan Brookfield’s Nameless Glacier Projections, and it’s quite the opener. In an effort to bring attention to the shrinking glaciers in the South Island of New Zealand as a result of climate change, Vaughan and Tom Lynch headed off the South Island and projected organs—the heart, skin etc—onto the glaciers and personified their decline.

If you’ve got a visually striking idea that’s keeping you up at night, then dive in here and show Canon what you’ve got.

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