R.Kelly’s Accuser Confirms He’s a Total Creep

Yeah, I know. ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ is a great song.

And it sucks that you can’t sing it with the same unabashed vigour now that you know this truth. It’s kind of been public knowledge for years, but maybe you’ve turned a blind eye, because, well, ‘Ignition’ is really fun to dance to when you’re drunk. But those days are behind you now. Because¬†Jerhonda Pace, the woman accusing R.Kelly of physically and mentally abusing her when she was 16, has told her story to Buzzfeed, and it is fucked up.¬†Pace says she is speaking up for the women who have been manipulated into his ‘sex cult’, which was first made public by Buzzfeed last month.

Basically, Jerhonda first met Kelly while he was standing trial for child pornography in 2008. When they engaged in oral sex, and later, sexual intercourse, she was 16, and he was 41. She claims that most of these encounters were filmed without permission. She also says that he made her call him ‘Daddy’ and had her dress in school girl attire, with pigtails. The first time they had sex, Jerhonda was a virgin, and Kelly knew this. She alleges that he got her drunk first, giving her a drink he called “sex in the kitchen”, which is also the name of a song he released three years prior. Ew.

As detailed in Buzzfeed’s earlier report alleging that Kelly has strict rules for the women he keeps in his house as ‘sex slaves’, Jerhonda says she was made to adhere to a strict dress code of baggy clothes, was not allowed to bring a phone with her, and needed to ask Kelly for permission before she ate, drank, or used the bathroom. She also needed to be granted permission to leave the house. Again, she was 16.

You can read Jerhonda’s full interview here, as well as the original ‘cult’ report here.


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