Show Me Your Privacy by Tory Bauer

We all give feedback and rate the burger at Mary’s or the toilet facilities at the pub, however, Tory Bauer started thinking what if she got feedback about how she rated as a girlfriend.

So she sent a Customer Satisfaction Feedback Survey to nine of her ex-boyfriends (including her current partner) to see how she could improve as a human being and a girlfriend. She then gave the data to a bunch of different artists to interpret. Quite the concept. Contributing artists include the Mayor of Byron, Paul McNeil, Jeet Pavlovic, Max Doyle, James Adams and more. You can view the interpreted works of boyfriends past this coming Friday at the details below. Bring your ex! 

Show us Your Privacy, curated by Tory Bauer. Friday August 25—6th September,  at 6pm—8pm, details here.

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