Celebrating 25 Years of the Iconic Vans Half Cab

Honestly, I didn’t know the Vans Half Cab were only 25 years old.

It seems they could have been around since the year 1966 when Vans was founded. That’s how embedded the shoe is into skate culture. But it wasn’t until the early 90s that skaters started hitting the streets more and, just as the Caballerial got reduced to the more street-cruising friendly half-cab, began cutting the high-top collar off of their Caballero pro shoes. Like Caballero himself, the shoe has changed with skateboarding and made it out of the ramps and parks and into the raw asphalt, the result the now iconic Half Cab; comfort, durability, and ankle support without the extra stuff riding up your shin. They’ve stood the test of time through footwear trend ebb and flows; watching Osiris’ D3s come, go, and then come again; seeing Nike rise to prominence with their SB Dunks before settling into a vulcanized look closer to Vans; Diamond Footwear. They’ve been added to the Vans syndicate line, had countless colorways, and experimented with new tongue thicknesses. Despite these minor changes, the simple elegance of the shoe has left it pretty much identical to the way it was when it first came out in 1992. Now, Vans honors this legacy with the 25th Anniversary Half Cab. They’ve got the new technological bells and whistles that Vans is working with these days as well as a commemorative “XXV” embroidered onto the back heel and a “token silver anniversary” colorway but otherwise remain untouched. Which is fantastic because, you know, if it ain’t broke…

Buy the 25th anniversary Half Cab colorways at any authorized Vans Pro Skate dealer near you.

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