Cavi Club is Bringing Flip-in Tricks Back

Missing some good, old-fashioned, flip-in tricks in your life?

This DC X Cavi clip is the cure for what ails you. I first was drawn in with how powerful the flip tricks in this video are. Cruising on flat or commandingly into any number of grinds, each young dude in it have their flip-ins on lock. DC has new riders coming out of the woodwork these days and, in this case, it’s an abundance of riches. This time, they’re teaming up with a crew of young, Compton-based rippers (if the first few shots in the video are there for expository setup rather than just to look cool) of the Cavi Club banner. Despite their being a Cavi ad featuring a trick from the clip immediately before it, I had to do some snooping to figure out what Cavi is. While slang for crack-cocaine, in this instance I’m 90% sure it’s a clothing brand. They have a Big Cartel shop, where they’re selling three t-shirts and a pair of shorts, but there’s no words or description in sight. I suppose you don’t have to say much, though, when you have DC backing you and you put out a clip as fired-up as this. The group, all of which I hadn’t heard of before this video, get down to business with no-frills techniques and seem to be having fun in the process, which is all you can ask for from any short web offering. This one was a surprise treat.

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